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Full text of "Annual Evaluation Report Fiscal Year 1984"

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Program Components  (Continued)

5« Research and Development Program authorizes: (a) research, development,
and evaluation activities to enhance the effectiveness of bilingual
education and other programs for persons who have language proficiencies
other than English; and (b) dissemination of information regarding teaching
and learning, bilingualism, and lirnited-English-proficient (LEP) student
achievement, which is useful for programs of Di lingual education*

a.  Research, Development and Evaluation is supported under Part C of

Title VII« Since 1979* research and evaluation activities have focused
on three areas—assessment of national needs for bilingual education,
improvement of the effectiveness of services to students, and improve-
ment in Title VII management and operation.

b.  Dissemination   of   information   related   to   bilingual    education   and   ser-
vices to   children   with   limited   English   proficiency   is   the   responsibil-
ity of   the  National   Clearinghouse  for   Bilingual   Education.     Newsletters
and publications    are    widely   disseminated   to   existing   projects,    State
education agencies, and government decision-makers,


1.    State Education Agency Projects for Coordinating Technical  Assis-
tance^Only State education agencies are eligible for assistance.

2*    Multifunctional  Service Centers..    Those eligible include:   (1)  in-
stitutions ofhighereducation[Including   junior    colleges    and    community
colleges and private nonprofit organizations) which apply, after con-
sultation with,    or   jointly   with,    one   or   more    local    education   agencies
or a   State   education   agency;   (2)   local   education   agencies;   and   (3)   State
education agencies,

3.  Evaluation,Dissemination, and Assessment Centers.    Those eligible for
assistance are  a  local   educational   agency   or an  institution   of  higher edu-
cation that    applies    jointly   with    one   or   more    local    education    agency.

4.    Materials Development Projects Program. A local  education agency or
institution of   higher   education   that   applies    jointly    with    one    or   more
local education   agency    is    eligible   for   assistance   under   the    Materials
Development Projects Program*

5.    Research and Development Program.    Awards   under   this   program   are   made
by grant and contract on a competitive basis.    Eligible applicants

include institutions    of    higher   education,    private   and   non-profit    oryan-
zations, State education agencies, and individuals.ield of training teachers for bilingual education.